A common thread that links many artists is their vision that has subtly changed the way people view the environment. South Africa has a special allure for John.

“When I walk within the African wilderness, I experience a unique sense of wonder, heightened awareness and a true sense of belonging”

John’s wildlife paintings are conceived and inspired by the landscapes and game farms that he visits. This allows opportunities to get really close to animals.” It gives a totally different leaning towards painting a giraffe when you know what they smell like”

More than painting the animals John enjoys animal shapes and putting paint around them. The depiction of the animals are never overstated but rather simplified. He is concerned with suggestion and overall surface treatment using shapes to follow the character of the animal or scene. He sees animals as large shapes on the horizon, with strong contrasts between negative and positive shapes.

John’s wildlife paintings are a demonstration of a vital life force that penetrates Africa. He weaves a tapestry of textures and light around a central subject that invites the viewer in on a personal voyage of discovery.

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