John uses simplified, geometrical, outlined forms in his landscapes accompanied by unexpected and contrasting fields of colour.His inspiration is the South Western Cape province landscape particularly the vast empty vistas of the Overberg region.

His works are recognized by hard, dark forms of earth and mountains topped by narrow skylines. There is a need to express a lyrical, burning use of colour, as well as strong compositional structure in his works.

He seeks to pick out the dominant forms in the landscape, simplifying and delineating its structural elements in broad geometric arcs. The oil paint is used in predominantly overlaying glazes.

His paintings show a special relationship through colour, translating a landscape rather than reproducing it. There are no figures or animals in these paintings. “The landscape must have it’s own personality and mystery…….. the personality of an environment that I am pictorially trying to create”

“My continuing search is to try to get to know a small part of my world and to get to know it thoroughly”

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