John’s experience in the world of theatre arts and music, along with his passion for good food, wine and fine dining ensures that he has a wealth of imagery and experience to draw on his figurative painting.

John’s paintings are akin to theatre: unusual, humorous and unpredictable. A myriad of colours, characters and emotions arise in these works. Each character is moulded from visual experiences and fantasies and an acute awareness of the human condition.

The initial concept arises from little preparation. The paintings are executed as a spontaneous improvisation, as we see in dramatic arts ( theatre). First comes the sketch, and then through some complex process, it becomes the painted image.

These works tend to be a lot more free and spontaneous than the carefully structured landscapes, but there is still much more attention paid to concept,composition,colour and presentation.

He uses a quieter, sophisticated humour in these works and in developing his style, he strips things down to their basic elements.

A vital aspect of his painting is composition. “Composition is really a conceptual tool on a kind of decorative level”

My work is always changing, but my ultimate goal in this genre is to share the lighter side of life with the viewer.

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